Praznine is a platform for thinking space, architecture and art within contemporary social context.


It was established in 2011 by the younger Slovene generation of architects, philosophers and artists with broadening the architectural and artistic discourse in mind, as well as a reaction to prevailing “post-critical” tendencies in published local and global theory. Magazine Praznine is published twice yearly, bringing contributions of established and emerging writers and practitioners. The magazine is bilingual (in English and Slovene) since 2015. The platform organizes discussions, debates and round tables on current as well as marginal spatial topics; its book series Drugi prostori is periodically enriched with original monographs and new translations of relevant theoretical contributions to the field.


The future of architecture is and will be global, but that does not necessarily mean neoliberal or post-critical. The platform therefore addresses global problems through local and regional nuances.


Praznine are inviting to cooperation all who believe in the importance of consistent critical though.


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