Recycling Factory
Gregor Ferenčak 

The Recycling factory is located in the Savsko naselje area of Ljubljana. A part of it stands next to a number of compact standard garages designed by Savin Sever, while the other part is located on a children’s playground, easily accessible from all sides. In order to establish a more easily accessible area, the project proposes the demolition of one of the triplex buildings in the immediate vicinity of the playground.


The look of the recycling factory is inspired by the industrial part of the building, paraphrasing the image of huge chimneys, which could also function as a symbol of the Savsko naselje area. In terms of content, the building is divided into three categories: the heart of the building, the sorting room in the basement and the system of thematic programmes, linked with the service cores on the ground floor.


Joint workshops and other programmes taking place on the ground floor and the upper floors enable visitors a chance to recycle paper on their own and reuse it in various ways. By combining the work of the recycling factory and the workshop programmes, the project stimulates intergenerational cooperation. Special emphasis is put on the integration of the youth, who builds and promotes the ideas of the project in the area, as well as the elderly, who are given the opportunity to work and pass their knowledge on to the next generations. Another important component of the project is the waste sorting room. The income earned by selling fractions of separately collected waste is invested into paper recycling. The paper is then used by locals who manufacture notebooks for children.


The concept of the recycling factory is searching for innovative solutions to the everyday problems of waste and unemployment. At the same time it also links an industrial programme with the playground, workshops and facilities for startup companies. The recycling factory is a social enterprise, which employs locals, who produce notebooks for schools and kindergartens in the Savsko naselje area and wider surroundings.