Janko G. Zlodre (1949-2015) Architecture speaks
Janko G. Zlodre

‘In the second edition of the program Arhitektura govori (Architecture speaks) in November 2011 Mateja Kurir and I talked with Janko Zlodre. Our telephone conversation, which involved some pauses, lapses and overlaps, revealed that Zlodre was not a fan of the rigid form of the program featuring short, direct and seemingly general questions; he did not provide the answers to all of the questions and labelled some of them as ideological. This experience shed a new light on the art of interviewing in my eyes, as well as on the program as a whole. I could not observe it as neutral in its general topic orientation anymore, but as always connected with specific discourses on architecture. The conversation ended on a note of a certain incompleteness, which was probably the reason why Zlodre later sent us the manuscript of the answers he had prepared for the program and did not manage to get across during the interview.’


Izidor Barši